How to Find a Swift Code or Swift Number

Swift Code or Swift Number is  used by financial institutions, banks and corporation to exchange financial messages between them. SWIFT, which is owned by the member countries is a communication platform that provides messaging facility  for financial and non-financial institutions by availing the service to secretly and swiftly exchange financial information.

 BIC numbers are issued by SWIFT to institutions, which are unique in its form and help them to connect with each others. People all around the world use swift codes for money transfer, mostly international wire transfer as swift codes are authentic globally.

We have specified the ideas below to help people find swift codes easily :

  1. Swift number generally can be found on the account statement of most of the banks.
  2. This website has a large database for mostly all banks and financial institutions in the world. Enter the name of the institution or if you have a swift code and want to verify it in the search box.
  3. SWIFT has a online site and you can visit it at put the name of the institution or bank in the search area and you will get the all swift codes for that bank or corporation. verify in advance that weather that bank or corporation is part of the swift community, if not it will not show any result.
  4. You can contact the bank manager for exact swift number of the bank or ask the trading and wire transfer department.
  5. If you are having any confusion you can always feel free to mail us and comment on the bottom of a post in this site. we try our best to respond to queries as soon as possible.